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Renal DTPA Scan

Renal DTPA Scan kutrrhWhat is a renal DTPA scan?

A renal DTPA scan is one of the SPECT scans conducted in IMIC; it is a process for diagnosing and evaluating kidney functioning. It involves the intravenous administration of radiopharmaceutical material to assess the drainage pattern of kidneys and to find out if any area is not functioning correctly.

This is a unique technology at KUTRRH that takes multiple images of the kidney with a gamma camera which increases the accuracy and precision of diagnosis and analyses the renal functioning.

How a Renal DTPA Is Carried Out

Preparation before scanning

There is no preparation for this scan. You can drink 2/3 glasses of water before your scan time.

During Renal DTPA Scan

The scan is performed on an outpatient basis every first and second week of the month. The process usually takes 30 to 60 minutes. The patient will be asked to clear the bladder before the process begins.

The line of action is usually as follows:

  • The nurses will take your blood pressure and will insert an intravenous (IV) line into the arm
  • The Nuclear Medicine technologist will inject radioactive material into your vein.
  • You sit in front of the gamma camera and remain as still as possible, as disturbance may lead to blur images.

After the scan is complete, the intravenous line is removed.

When are the results available?

After the scan is completed, a Nuclear Medicine Physician will review your scan and write a report of the results and send it within 48 hours.

How To Book For  DTPA Scan

  1. Registration
  • Website: https://imaging.kutrrh.go.ke/
  •  Email: imagingcentre@kutrrh.go.ke
  • Direct contact: +254 111 138 106
  • Walk-in at the IMIC
  1. Documents requirements
  • Doctors request form
  • Clinical report and previous imaging reports
  • Duly filled NHIF/private insurance form
  1. Service Charge
  • NHIF (provided premiums are up to date)
  • Private insurance accepted