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Early Cancer Diagnosis

Early diagnosis

Detects (or diagnose) the disease early when it has a high potential for cure. There are two stages for early detection, which include early diagnosis patient’s awareness of early signs and symptoms, leading to a consultation with a health provider – who then promptly refers the patient for confirmation of diagnosis and treatment; Screening of asymptomatic and healthy individuals to detect pre-cancerous lesions or an early stage of cancer and to arrange a referral.

Prevention of cancer offers tremendous public health potential and is the most cost-effective long-term method of cancer control. There is now sufficient knowledge to prevent around 40% of all cancers.

Early cancer diagnosis focuses on recognizing symptomatic patients as soon as feasible so that they can receive the best treatment available. When cancer treatment is delayed or unavailable, there is a reduced likelihood of survival, more treatment complications, and higher treatment expenses. IMIC will reduce the cancer burden by early diagnosis so that cancer management starts early. Most cancers can be cured if diagnosed early.

Accuracy in Diagnosis and Staging of Cancer

Accurate diagnosis and staging of the disease are essential for designing a treatment plan. KUTRRH’s IMIC has the latest technology for cancer diagnosis. These include PET Scan, SPECT CT, Brachytherapy and Cyberknife.