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Why is PET Scan Services Affordable at KUTRRH?

Pet scan kutrrh

KUTRRH has entered an MOU with NHIF to fully cover the cost of treatment with patients not being required to top up even a single cent out of pocket.

For NHIF, KUTRRH is a priority since it’s a national government initiative where they have their full focus. Therefore, it is very affordable for our patients to access treatment within familiar territories without having to drain their pockets and bank accounts or call for fundraising. This is a true game changer for our people and for our country.

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Consequently, the aspect of the cost of travel, accommodation, and other miscellaneous costs when seeking treatment abroad is a thing of the past. Kenyans no longer have to worry about travel costs and the hassle of acquiring travel papers or even accommodation abroad. Not to mention the aspect of time as a social cost.

Previously, patients spent so much time acquiring approval from the Ministry seeking approval for travel purposes. Now with KUTRRH having entered an MOU with NHIF, KUTRRH is contacting patients directly and hence less hassle for patients in getting approval from NHIF. This means once you book with us and are given an appointment date, all you have to do is walk in for your scan, reducing the wait time.

PET Scan services at KUTRRH are just an appointment away, with no hassles and at no cost for those with NHIF cover. We are therefore bringing hope to our people that they can get timely treatment and no longer have to die prematurely.

Notably, the recent move by NHIF to stop payment for overseas treatment on conditions that treatment is now available is also a major boost for our local facilities.

Cost Comparison

A comparison of the cost of accessing PET in Hospitals abroad.

  • India: The most popular hospitals in India charge approximately KEs. 36,000.00. This is excluding travel expenses, accommodation, and other miscellaneous costs.
  • South Africa: In South Africa ordinarily the charges for a PET Scan are approximately KES. 200,000.00.