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Why Choose KUTRRH For PET Scan Services


PET scan services in Kenya became available in 2018 with the installation of the first Cyclotron machine. This brought a breath of relief as most patients were accessing the PET scan services outside the Country. The services were also not available in any public hospital and hence were unaffordable for most Kenyans.

Today, the NHIF has been supporting patients in accessing PET Scan services at KUTRRH. In a bid to have more resources available locally and ease the long queues at private facilities, KUTRRH in collaboration with the government of Kenya embarked on the construction of a state-of-the-art IMIC facility.

The IMIC is home to 2-PET CT machines, SPECT CT, and a Cyclotron machine. With our PET CT up and running, we are now scanning patients from Monday-Friday, running 2-shifts of scanning, hence attending to more patients and reducing the queues from our private partners.

With the PET Scan services available to our people in a government facility, early cancer screening has increased the survivorship rate.

People choose to come to KUTRRH for PET Scan services because of:

  • Affordable services: NHIF fully covers the cost of treatment
  • Traveling abroad to seek treatment which includes flight charges, accommodation, and other miscellaneous costs has been eliminated.
  • Superior PET Scan Services: a highly qualified team, cutting edge technology & quick turnaround time in terms of appointments.
  • Superior Clinical Outcomes: Beyond diagnosis & treatment the healing process starts with emotional and psychological well-being. Patients receiving care at KUTRRH instead of abroad have access to social support in terms of family and friends.